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Welcome on our journey into the future. We are a new company that thinks there is a need for a reliable, friendly and personalised service. This  gap in the market is getting bigger and we  hope we can close it for you. Having noted the shortfalls, we feel we can supply something special for your transfer,  for however long the journey might be. If you like what we do, I will look forward to meeting you again and you might even tell your friends about us.          


Tim Gehrke


Having worked for over 25 years in the hospitality industry, Tim felt it was time for a change. In his career, he managed to work in some amazing hotels  in Kent and London. His drive for exceptional customer service is his passion and asset for this new adventure.  Taking the challenge to work for himself, he can deliver a devoted and customised service to all client requests, having been exposed to high level service in his past. 



1. Private Hire for Weddings

We are able to transport up to 8 guests comfortably on one journey,. This could be used by bridesmaids, family members, grandparents or just to ensure everybody can have a good time. 

2. Private Hire for Funerals 

We can transport safely up to 8 attendees on the day. This takes the stress out of a difficult occasion for the attending guests to pay their last respects on the day.

3. Private Hire for a wheelchair user

Our modified vehicle allows us the transport of a wheel chair and user plus up to 6 other guests per journey. This is a dignified arrangement with many safety aspects on-board, to guarantee a safe and comfortable travel experience.

4. Private Hire for a Hen or Stag Event

Maybe you are planning ,as part of your wedding, to go away for a weekend and have some need for comfortable transport to a local hotel or airport. This can also be arranged and catered for. 


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